The products are made according to exclusive recipes according to original old recipes and supplemented by us.

Natural raw materials

The products are made from natural raw materials, without adding flavors and dyes.

Quality assurance

Full compliance with production technology.

Qualitative approach

Individual approach to each client.

Full range of services

A full range of services for creating products under the client’s trademark.

A corporate gift set is a simple solution to a complex problem! Big choice. Buy gifts for corporate clients.

Company Profile & Company History

The production company OOO “Dary Bashkortostan” was established in 2016. The main activity of the company is the development and production of a line of natural health products based on plant materials collected in ecologically clean corners of Russia.

The mission of the company is to create high-quality, natural and effective products that preserve the power of nature, help maintain the health of the human body and prolong longevity.

The enterprise today produces a wide range of natural products. Each drug has a directed healing effect on the state of individual systems and human organs.


Tea drinks are created according to exclusive recipes. They awaken the body to self-regulation, have a detoxifying effect, strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process. Delightful aroma and invaluable health benefits – these are the main components of the gifts of nature, enclosed in the most valuable herbs and fruits collected in ecologically clean areas of his native Bashkortostan.

Taste, quality, environmental friendliness – these are all “Gifts of Bashkortostan”!

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Balm manufacturing technology

Low-temperature technology for the manufacture of balms – syrups allows you to extract and completely preserve all biologically active substances. As a result, their content is several times higher than in the plant itself. Regular use of natural balsams “Gifts of Bashkortostan” helps to strengthen the body’s defenses and improves the quality of life in many aspects.

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