The production company OOO “Dary Bashkortostan” was established in 2016. The main activity of the company is the development and production of a line of natural health products based on plant materials collected in ecologically clean corners of Russia. The mission of the company is to create high-quality, natural and effective products that preserve the power of nature, help maintain the health of the human body and prolong longevity.

The technology of “careful” production of products from plant raw materials, used at the enterprise, allows you to fully extract and use the entire range of useful substances of medicinal plants. The products obtained in this way preserve all the strength of the plants, while enhancing their healing effect. Quality control at all stages of production, a well-chosen recipe, careful adherence to technology are the main principles that our company strictly adheres to in the manufacture of products.

The enterprise today produces a wide range of natural products. Each drug has a directed healing effect on the state of individual systems and human organs. The products are available in various forms: syrups, balms, tea drinks. The company also produces an elite series of gift sets. The recipe for health-improving products combines the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine with the modern achievements of science.

Unique taste

They have a unique taste combined with unique healing properties.

Trace elements and vitamins

Contains valuable natural trace elements and vitamins


Restore and strengthen the human immune system


Increase efficiency.

Strength and energy

They charge with energy and strength.


Activates the vitality of the body.

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